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Paper craft projects use various types of paper to create handmade items for that special occasion.

Cardstock comes in different colors and most popular for paper crafts.


Cardstock is the most popular type craft paper and is a medium weight paper used for paper craft projects. Most commonly used for greeting cards, scrapbooking, handmade boxes, and many more craft projects. It is heavier than printer paper and thinner than cardboard. It also comes in a variety of colors and textures.

Construction paper is inexpensive and great for children paper craft projects.


A favorite for children's paper craft, construction paper is inexpensive and is available in many colors. Elementary school teachers often use construction paper for class paper craft projects. Construction paper has a rough texture, is difficult to fold, and are not for paper craft projects that are meant to last because the colors fade quickly.


Crepe paper comes in sheets or rolls. Most commonly used for party decorations.


Crepe paper is a type of thinly coated tissue paper and comes in many colors. It is gathered to produce a crinkled surface which stretches easily and sold in rolls or sheets. Crepe paper is often used as party decorations and for paper flower making with stunning results. Many kids paper crafts are also made out of crepe paper.


Kraft paper is most commonly used to make paper bags and gift wrapping.


Kraft paper is what paper bags are made of, it is a coarse brown paper that is used for wrapping packages. It is available in sheets or rolls and it can be bleached to various lighter shade. Kraft paper can be used for paper crafts like cardmaking, scrapbooking and paper flower making.



Mulberry Paper

Mulberry paper has that organic look which gives paper crafts that original look.


Mulberry paper originated in China and is handmade. It is made from the fibers of the mulberry plant and produces an exceptionally lightweight but durable paper. It has a coarse texture and an organic look. It is often used for scrapbooking and collage work.


Newsprint is cheap and best for papier-mache.


Newsprint is the paper used for printing newspapers. It is a cheap paper that is thick enough to be printed on both sides. Newsprint is often used for papier-mache projects. It tears easily and holds papier-mache paste well.


Origami paper folds well and usually comes in square and many different colors and sizes.


Origami paper crafts can be made out of any paper that folds well, they are square and usually have Washi paper design on one side and white on other. Stores sell prepackaged paper that is explicitly used for origami.