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Adhesives are an essential craft supply for paper crafting and can be found in most scrapbooking and papercraft stores.  They are not all the same, nor can they all do the same job.

Most craters tend to prefer archival quality (acid-free) adhesive, especially when working with valuable photographs so that they don't risk losing their color, peeled or damaged.

Here are just some of the types of papercraft adhesives available.
  • Double-sided Adhesive Tape
  • Glue Dots
  • Tape Runners
  • 3-dimensional foam
  • Liquid glue
  • Glue sticks
  • Hot Glue Guns



Double stick tape adhesive

Double-sided Adhesive Tape

This is a strong papercraft adhesive that allows you to be confident that your embellishments and photos will stay where you want them to be.




Glue dot adhesives

Glue Dots

If you want something strong to adhere embellishments to your projects such as buttons, sequins, and bows, glue dots are wonderful papercraft adhesive.  They are available in different sizes from fairly tiny (mini) to large 2″ rounds or even bigger.





Tape runner adhesive by Tombow

Tape Runners

These handy little dispensers full of double-sided adhesive bonds directly to your projects, so your hands and work area never gets sticky.  They are easy to apply and some are refillable.





Foam shaped adhesives

3-Dimensional Foam

Foam adhesive comes in rolls, strips and different shapes and sizes.  Use them to help create a 3D image on your papercraft projects and sometimes it is used to adhere embellishments.





Liquid glue adhesive by Tombow


Liquid Glue
Multi-purpose liquid glue creates a removable bond or ultra strong permanent bond.  Permanent by applying while the glue is still wet or removable by letting the glue dry before positioning. Dual applicators in one ergonomic dispenser. Use the pen tip for small areas or a fine line of glue and use the broad tip for large areas.





Acid-free adhesive from Avery

Glue Sticks

Perfect for adhering lighter paper, cardboard, and fabrics down on projects. Glue stick adhesives are not too strong and not expected to hold heavier objects together.  Most glue sticks have a tint or color but dry clear.  These are great when crafting with children.





Hot glue gun adhesive

Hot Glue Gun

Best for adhering heaver objects such as boxes and other crafting projects that require larger pieces.  Perfect for adhering pieces to create those beautiful giant paper flowers. wonderful craft supply items for fixing even heavier objects such as boxes and other off-the-page projects together.

There are many other different types of adhesive out there and everyone has their own preference as to which one is their favorite.  Like many crafters, you may end up having different ones for different projects.