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Good quality card stock gives greater structure, support and value in your paper craft projects.

What is Card Stock?

Sometimes called cover stock or pasteboard, it is thicker and last longer than printer paper and can cope with more art and craft techniques.


Card stock comes in many types of colors and thicknesses. The quality of your card stock will ultimately determine the success of your project.

What Can You Make From Card Stock?

Card stock is used to make business cards, post cards, playing cards, tags, paper boxes, ornaments, decor, handmade greeting cards and scrapbook pages.

The Technical Stuff About Card Stock.

When you see card stock labeled in grams or pounds, it means the manufacturer has weighed a square meter of the card stock and found out what it weighs.  Usually, it ranges from 135 to 300 square grams or 50 to 110 pounds.  The higher the number, the thicker and sturdier the card stock.

You may also find it measured in points or mils, which means the manufacturer has measured how thick each piece is in the thousandths of an inch.